Spring Festival 2020

&The annual New Year's Day celebration is still well prepared in the tense work. The staff are warmly welcomed and highly interested. After work, they are rehearsing. Thank you for your efforts. The weather in the new year is very cold. We have a special new year's Day party at the punch in bar. First of all, Mr. Sun Yusheng, the general manager of the company, sent a message and blessing to the party, made a brief summary of the company's work in the past year, positioned the company's new year's goal, and wished the party a good success. With the opening hot dance of the technology and service department, the party officially started, with humorous skits and actors popping up, continuous folk music in three and a half sentences, deep feeling of solo singing and long flute sound in the sky. At the party, the president of the company presented awards and expressed thanks to a group of new five-year employees of the company. At the same time, I also made a new year's speech, put forward new requirements and expectations for the company's development in the new year, and expressed affirmation and encouragement for our past year. I wish you a happy new year. Subsequently, the program appeared on the stage in succession, with new game links, active participation of employees, constant gift delivery, and even more lucky gifts in the whole audience. The party ended in a thousand que songs. I wish you all the best in the new year's day, with a thriving performance, a happy staff, a smooth and profitable project, and a healthy and healthy life! Happy New Year!